Jan 11

Regulations Did Not Stop Massive Water Contamination In West Virginia

171014037JR00102_GuantanamoContamination of water in seven counties of West Virginia resulted in a declaration of a state of emergency as water is trucked in to meet the needs of 100,000 people and businesses.

The corporation responsible for the pollution failed to properly manage the containment of the toxic chemical and did not give warning to the people living in the contaminated area.

This corporate malfeasance could happen in California, where Governor Brown is poised to authorize fracking with weak regulatory oversight. However, in the case of California millions rather than thousands of lives would be at stake.

Follow the link to read the Reader Suppored News article, “West Virginia Declares State of Emergency….”


Jan 02

Mayor de Blasio Delivers Progressive Inaugural Address

NY Mayor de Balsio and Pres ClintonNew York Mayor de Blasio’s Inaugural Address provides a template for those seeking to understand and express the vision and mission of progressive governance in the twenty-first century.

In his Inaugural Address, Mayor de Blasio clarifies the challenge of a united but diverse city to act “now” to (1) address the needs of all its members; (2) implement the progressive dream of economic and social justice, equal opportunity, and upward mobility; (3) provide safe communities, affordable housing, quality education, and expanded healthcare; and (4) actualize a more neighborhood centric city administration.

Plus, Mayor de Blasio brought together the left and right wings of the Democratic Party.

This was a great victory for someone, who ran on a progressive agenda, criticized the excesses of Wall Street, proposed higher taxes on the wealthy, and not expected to be the new Mayor of New York.

Follow the link to view and read Mayor de Blasio’s Inaugural Address.


Jan 01

Robert Reich’s New Years Message

Robert Reich’s New Years Message: Organize, Mobilize, Energize, and

Speak Out for Progressive Values

Robert Reich, Goldman School of Public Policy, UC Berkeley

Robert Reich’s New Years Message

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